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The focus of the investment strategy of Squad Aguja Opportunities is to identify undervaluations in connection with a value driver in the overall capital structure of companies. In general, the aim is to achieve a flexible allocation in equities, bonds, derivatives and cash on hand. The flexible investment strategy is designed to enable the fund to invest in the most attractive parts of a specific company’s capital structure. The fund management is based on a discretionary approach. The investment approach is based on the criteria of value investing. Among other things, it focuses on investments in equities and debt capital in special situations. Special situations always occur when market inefficiencies frequently lead to undervaluations or miscalculations and there is an identifiable value driver. The combination of investments in equity and debt capital and the exploitation of special situations is intended to reduce the risk of loss and optimise the risk/reward profile at portfolio level. The investment universe is global, and the main focus is on Europe and North America. Investments in investment funds are limited to 5% of the fund’s assets. Derivatives can be used for hedging and yield optimisation. At least 25% of the assets of the investment fund are invested directly or indirectly in equity investments. On behalf of the fund, the investment management company may invest more than 35% of the fund’s value in bonds and promissory notes issued by one or more issuers.